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Ribera del Duero
Ribera del Duero


Weather in Ribera

18 oct 2021


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Casa Rural Botica Gomelia I y II





C/ Santa María, 2

09370 Gumiel de Izan (Burgos)

Tel. + 34 669 289 034




The "Botica Gomelia" is a house built in 1902, located in the Plaza Mayor, next to the Church of Santa María and in front of the house where Santo Domingo de Guzmán lived, forming part of the artistic historical complex of Gumiel de Izán and protected by National Heritage.

It consists of two floors, each of which has been rehabilitated and transformed into independent rural tourism houses "Botica Gomelia I" and "Botica Gomelia II". In its rehabilitation the characteristics of the original construction of the house have been preserved: the balconies, the windows, the doors, the floors of clay and wood as well as the ceilings and the staircase that gives access to the two houses and a curious oven to make bread, called padilla located in the kitchen which in ancient times was used for the healing of the products of the killing of pork, etc...

As for furniture is the primitive of the house, tables, closets, chairs, sofas, etc... fully restored and adding all modern comforts. The lingerie has been carefully chosen as white cotton or raw linen sheets and white towels with the house logo, tablecloths, individual tablecloths. It is equipped with complete crockery, glassware, breakfast and coffee sets, cutlery. The heating is by electric accumulators and hot water by thermoelectric.


With 104 m2, is located on the first floor, consists of:

  • Pink Room with 1.35 cm bed, your balcony overlooks the Plaza Mayor
  • Blue Room with two 1.5 cm beds. each, with full bathroom fully equipped inside the same
  • Yellow Room, single with 1.05cm bed.
  • Living room, with two armchairs, two-seater sofa, marquetry table, and television.
  • Dining room with sideboard and walnut table for 6 people.
  • Full bathroom with bathtub, fully equipped.
  • Kitchen with wooden furniture, table and chairs, fridge, washing machine, microwave, hob, smoke hood, iron and minipimer as well as the necessary utensils.

Both the dining room and the living room have their balconies overlooking the Plaza Mayor, and the rest of the rooms all exterior


With 107 m2, is located on the second floor, with wooden sloping ceilings, consists of:

  • 1 suite of 23 m2 with double bed from the beginning of the 19th century. with a beautiful traditional sink, and a sofa that turns into a bed allowing the room to be used by four people.
  • It also has a full bathroom with bathtub in the room.
  • Green room with two beds of 90 cm each, bedside table, wardrobe and traditional sink.
  • Living-dining room, with elegant armchairs from the beginning of the 19th century, bookcase, dining table for six people, sideboard.
  • Both the living room and the double bedroom, their windows overlook the Plaza Mayor.
  • Full bathroom, with shower, fully equipped.
  • Kitchen formerly used for curing the killing, with wooden furniture, marble table and antique bench, chairs and the same endowments as the first house, plus it has the charm of maintaining the original front structure of an old oven padilla making bread and that is seen from the living room.











Gumiel de Izán

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