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Ribera del Duero
Ribera del Duero


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23 may 2024


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Bodegas Subterráneas de Aranda de Duero

Cultural resource




Underground cellar or winery


Oficina de Turismo de Aranda de Duero

Plaza Mayor, s/n
Tel. (+34) 947 510 476


The connection of underground cellars in Aranda de Duero constitutes the most extensive of those known to date in the Ribera del Duero, with more than 7 km of galleries, all of them on the same level, with communications that allow ventilation and, sometimes, access from one gallery to another.

This connection of tunnels or galleries was excavated between the 12th and 18th centuries (a large part of the complex was built in the last quarter of the 15th century), highlighting the use of the semicircular arch resolved in ashlar stone to protect the vaults of its galleries. They have a depth of between 8 and 12 meters and probably a constant temperature of between 10 and 12º all year round, in addition to the absence of humidity, stillness and lack of vibrations, optimal for wine conservation.

This set of underground cellars is located under its historic center, a differentiating fact with respect to other riverside spaces of underground cellars, located on adjoining hills or far from the urban centers themselves. This fact has contributed both to conserving them to avoid damage to buildings on the surface, and destroying them to erect new buildings (1970s).

The “Peñas” ( associations of friends) of Aranda have done an important job in the maintenance of various underground cellars of the town, giving them a recreational use. Each “peña” has its own day of celebration but there are two occasions in which they all come together, enlivening the streets of the town: Fiesta de las Peñas (August) and Fiestas Patronales of Aranda (September), during the traditional Bajada de las Peñas. There are currently 8 associations of this type in Aranda de Duero (they even have their own pack of cards made by the friends of the La Tanguilla Association):

• El Alboroto

• El Chilindrón

• El Cubillo

• El Jarro

• El Niño de La Capea

• La Amistad

• La Ribera

• Tierra Aranda

Since the 1982 map of underground cellars included in the book "Vineyard, wine and cellars in the history of Aranda de Duero", by Javier Iglesia and Alberto Villahoz, various investigations have been carried out. They stand out: the 2010 Inventory, a Digital Study in 2014, or the Special Plan for the Protection of Underground Cellars, in the process of being processed. In this latest work, through the C+LL studio and the architect Alfredo Sanz Sanza, the following are catalogued:

136 underground cellars with their own entrance and an average length of the nave of 30 metres.

• 178 “zarceras”.

• The winepress have disappeared, as a result of their location in the urban area, but in 1752 there were up to 197 of them, storing approximately 35,000 hectoliters of wine.

The set of the underground cellars of Aranda de Duero obtained the qualification of Heritage of Cultural Interest in 2015 with the category of "Ethnological Ensemble" to ensure the protection and conservation of this heritage of incalculable value that goes underground of the arandina town.


• The City Council of Aranda de Duero has two underground cellars that can be visited through its tourist office:

o Las Caballerizas: on Cascajar Street. In addition, dramatized visits are periodically carried out in this winery.

o Las Ánimas: on Santa María Street

• You can also visit its CIAVIN Interpretation Center (in the Plaza Mayor) and, through virtual reality (in three dimensions), more than 20 of them.

• Besides, establishments that belong to our Wine Route, such as the El Lagar de Isilla Restaurant, Don Carlos 15th Century Historic Cellar or the Ribiértete Travel Agency, have an underground cellar in the center of Aranda and manage individual visits.






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