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Ribera del Duero
Ribera del Duero


Weather in Ribera

18 jun 2024


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Parish Church of Saint Cristobal

Cultural resource




Temple built according to the canons of baroque architecture of the second half of the 17th century. It may have replaced an older church, probably Romanesque. It seems that the traces of the building were originally of Latin cross, although the project remained unfinished and the arms of the transept were not raised. At the foot of the nave, close to the western end, stands a tower of two bodies, with masonry walls with ashlars reinforcing corners and openings. The lower body is solid and ends in a marked cornice that supports the upper body, where large semicircular arches are opened to house the bells. The original tower collapsed and was rebuilt in the early forties of the last century.

On the south side of the church a lower volume was attached which serves as an atrium with two side rooms. The façade of the atrium has three depressed archivolts on columns with small capitals. By its appearance it could be dated to the sixteenth century, and would belong to a reform of the early church. The atrium protects from the inclement climate of the Serrezuela the only entrance of the temple. Inside the nave, the choir is arranged at the foot, on a large lowered arch that flies from side to side.

The space of the nave is covered with triangular lunette vaults with two arches that divide it into three sections. The vault is decorated with simple geometric motifs, the space that was to be the center of the transept is covered with a half-orange dome on pendentives.The headboard is short and elevated. It is also covered with a lunette vault.

The main altar is neoclassical, of very pure and architectural shapes. The niche that houses the titular saint is located on the temple that houses the tabernacle. San José and San Antonio de Padua appear on two side pedestals.

The nave houses the images of the Dolorosa and the Lirio's Virgin, patron saint of the village. On the north side of the "transept", there is a stone pulpit and a neoclassical altarpiece with Christ crucified. Opposite, there is another twin altarpiece of the Virgin of the Rosary of 1894.

A semicircular arch gives access to a chapel, an altarpiece with the images of Saint Agatha and the Child of the Ball and a baptismal font in the Romanesque style with its characteristic shape of a flower chalice, with thick and very marked petals. In the sacristy, terraced on the north side of the presbytery, the basin of stone stands out.




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