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Ribera del Duero
Ribera del Duero


Weather in Ribera

31 ene 2023


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Tel. + 34 638 661 408




Lust for Wine is another way of understanding wine; it is to enjoy wine and learn about it, its sensations, its producers and places of origin in a special way, close and relaxed.

Lust for Wine is Pilar Cruces and a group of partners specialized in the different aspects of the world of wine, communication, design, marketing, sommelity, social networks. We work in Spanish, English and Catalan.

What do we do?

  • Tastings and Events:

We organize and conduct tastings for all kinds of audiences. Our tastings are different, because we create innovative formats in tone and language. I am convinced that the tasting experience is always better if there is emotion, closeness and references to other cultural fields, such as music, art and literature.

At corporate level, we offer the organization of winebar, pairing dinners, tastings or wine casinos. We can link all these services with company values or promote organizational relationships.

We bring the knowledge of the wine world to different levels. One of the slogans of Lust for Wine is #saberdevinosestáchupao and we defend it through various workshops.

We organize events of all kinds, in which wine always has a leading role: celebrations, birthdays, product presentations, goodbyes, tributes, events in wineries; both corporate and private

  • Wine tourism:

We develop tailor-made projects for wineries, in which we define how to present and market the wine offering, including the organization of wine shops and winebar. We create exciting experiences in the facilities themselves, in the vineyard and in original places, accompanying and informing visitors about the values and projects of the winery. We consider wine tourism as a crucial aspect for the strategy of a brand.

  • Communication & marketing

We help brands reach their audience through the development of their values. Among the services we offer are the analysis of your product with respect to competition through comparative tastings, naming and the development of effective strategies.

We handle promotional actions, social media presence, blogs, catalogues, advertisements, books, advertising brochures, web and competitive and effective wine labels.

Representation of wineries: we work on projects, temporary or long-term: welcome and attention to visits, tastings, product embassies at fairs and events.

  • Training:

We train in tourism techniques, tasting and presentations. Also in marketing, initiation to tasting, knowledge of wine at different levels and sommelier.

We train professionals in wine tourism, hotels and distribution through courses aimed at different fields.

We adapt training projects to the needs of establishments, wineries or hotels.

We offer courses through entities and organizations such as wine routes, regulatory councils or chambers of commerce.


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