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Ribera del Duero


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Castillejo de Robledo

Ayuntamiento de Castillejo de Robledo

C/ Las Eras, 1

42328 Castillejo de Robledo (Soria)

Teléfono: +34 975 35 50 29



Castillejo de Robledo stands out for its historical association with the Order of the Templars but also with El Cid Campeador, being that numerous studies claim that it was in the oak grove near this locality where the daughters of the Cid were outraged by their husbands the Counts of Carrion, A fact that has given rise to pictorial resources such as the oil painting by the painter Puebla and Torín "Las hijas del Cid, del romance XLIV del Tesoro de Romanceros" in 1871, today exhibited at the Prado Museum.

In Castillejo de Robledo we highlight these places of interest:

  • The Castle: this castle was the property of the Order of the Temple until Pope Clement V abolished it in 1311, then passing to the Hospitaller Order of San Juan and, later, to the neighbors of the town with the Disentailment. The castle stood on a hill drawing a double walled enclosure with several cubes, cylindrical towers and an artificial moat. Inside was the square-plan homage tower. At the end of the 15th century, Alfonso Carrillo de Acuña, nephew of the Archbishop of Toledo, undertook the reconstruction of the Castle. Currently in a dilapidated state, the Templar castle has a reservoir, two towers and some canvases of a double enclosure and a corner entrance. The hill on which it rests is surrounded by caves, some currently used as cellars.
  • The Parish Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, Romanesque from the 12th century.
  • The hermitage of the Concepción del Monte: in a place about 6 km to the surroundings of Castillejo de Robledo, are the remains of what was this peculiar hermitage located under a large rock (can be reached by car although the final section is complicated).

One of the most commented characteristics of Castillejo is its Fountain of Health: it is said that, whoever drinks from that water, his appetite is whetted.

Apart from these religious monuments, Castillejo de Robledo has three routes of trekking. It highlights from all the Route of Cid's Way because it was one of the coastal towns that El Cid Campeador passed through in its exile period.

People from Castillejo de Robledo: castillejanos