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Ribera del Duero
Ribera del Duero


Weather in Ribera

25 may 2024


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Ayuntamiento de Curiel de Duero

Plaza de la Constitución 1

47316 Curiel de Duero (Valladolid)

Teléfono: (+34) 983 880 088





This coastal municipality belongs to the region of Valle del Cuco. It originated in a Bronze Age settlement although its historical significance dates back to the 14th century.

These are the places of interest to visit in this village Vallisoletano, formerly called "Curiel de los Ajos":

  • Castle-Fortress of Doña Berenguela: it is situated on the top of a rock, being the highest inhabited point and the oldest castle in the province of Valladolid. The masonry is from the ninth century, and today remains of an important walled enclosure are conserved, as well as part of the homage tower and the walls surrounding the enclosure. It has free access on foot from Curiel, and its plant conforms to the appearance of the hill. But perhaps the best thing about this ascent is not in the architectural configuration, but in the views that are obtained from there, the people of Curiel describing a crescent shape and, looking up we’ll have a beautiful view of the Douro Valley. According to legend, the Castle of Doña Berenguela has another record: Diego de Castilla y Sandoval (son of Pedro I el Cruel, king of Castilla) was imprisoned in this fortress for no less than 55 years, becoming one of the longest captives in the history of Spain. Currently this castle is a hotel restaurant. To this must be added, that the Castle of Curiel is part of the so-called "Route of the Castles of the Ribera del Duero", a journey through the culture and history of our region.
  • Palace of the Zuñiga of the XV century, of which only the wall and the tower of the homage are conserved.
  • The Church of Santa María, built in the 12th century in the Gothic-Mudejar style, preserves two large Mudejar arcades, a beautiful polychrome Mudejar coffered ceiling and a major altarpiece from the 16th century. It has a cross vault, and a beautiful porticoed façade
  • Church of San Martín, XII century and Romanesque construction, today private property.
  • Jurisdictional Roll of the XVI century and located at the entrance of the town is declared as Cultural Interest Asset.
  • The Magdalena Gate, the only one preserved from the ancient 12th century wall.

But not everything is nature in Curiel, but very close to the Castle of the village runs a stage of the GR-14, which runs from Roa de Duero to Peñafiel.

Curiel de Duero celebrates its festivities (in which the "Removals of Curiel" will be danced for sure) in double:

  • La Cruz de Mayo (first weekend of May).
  • San Isidro (May 15).
  • They also celebrate the "Summer Festival" (first weekend in August) and the "Harvest Festival" (October).

Curiel de Duero has a seasonal tourism office.

People from Curiel de Duero: curielenses / pintienses (ciudad de pintia).

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