Ribera del Duero

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Ayuntamiento de Quemada

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09454 Quemada (Burgos)

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To one league to the east of Aranda, capital of the Ribera Burgos, stands the village of Quemada. This old name represents an enigma for the historian: Its meaning is clear, because the word indicates that "something" was burned, burned, so important and serious that it gave name to a town. That "something" could be a house, a church, a res, a person. t is possible that the name of this town refers to one of the settlements in the Duero River Valley that was burnt by Abderramán III.
Live the hauls of Castilian life, next to Aranda, since it has the pass over the Duero, on the axis of the march from Old Castile to New Castile, grows in political and economic power.

Today it preserves The Church of Ntra. Sra. Asunción, with a 13th century tower and polychrome carvings inside, the Hermitage of San Roque or El Puente Romano.

Gentilicy of Quemada: quemadinos.

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