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Conjuntos históricos


Ayuntamiento de Vadocondes

Calle Prudencio Ortego nº 37

09491 Vadocondes (Burgos)

Teléfono: (+34) 947 528 061




13 kms. from Aranda de Duero on the Soria road, you will find this town with prehistoric remains.

Vadocondes has its historical roots in the repopulation of this area during the IX and X centuries, after the attacks of Abderramán III and Almanzor.

Located on what used to be a ford over the Duero, it was an independent town with its own administration. Proof of this are the Gothic scroll, the church of Our Lady of the Asunción and several pieces of architecture with coats of arms belonging to the Austrias.

Apart from its cultural and artistic interest you can walk round a small circular path known as the “Path of the Valleys”.

From here, there are three routes leaving Vadocondes: the route of the Eastern Duero River Valley, the Duero route and the route of the Duero River Valley.

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