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Ribera del Duero
Ribera del Duero


Weather in Ribera

21 abr 2024


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Ayuntamiento de Pedrosa de Duero

Plaza Mayor, 14

09314 Pedrosa de Duero (Burgos)

Teléfono: +34 947 530 067




Valcavado de Roa is a village located in the south-west corner of the province of Burgos, on the right bank of the Douro, on an ocher and open terrazgo whose buildings are grouped longitudinally along the cornice on the slope of the páramo at 900 meters of height, allowing to appear to the Ribera del Duero as if it were a natural balcony, covering part of six provinces.
The group of traditional cellars is interesting in a small grove of gall oaks, on the left margin of the access road.
Note the unique set of eaves, which are part of the roofs of Valcavado.

  • The current personality of the Villa begins in the 10th century, when Count Nuño Núñez incorporates the old Roman and Vaca town of Roa into the County of Castilla.
  • In 1143, the emperor Alfonso VII granted the jurisdiction of Sepúlveda to Roa and his community. This document revived the inhabitants already present and those who wanted to come to increase the population, those who granted exemptions from some taxes and facilitated the administration, especially the judicial one.
  •  At the end of the 15th century, the Communities disintegrated because the kings transferred their responsibility to high-level politicians and the so-called nobility, becoming particular lordships. Every six years, Valcavado and the Count of Siruela renewed their dependency contract.
  •  In 1843 the population of Valcabado de Roa was 71 inhabitants, who maintain their lives and entertain them in the church of the Assumption and in the hermitage of San Lorenzo, in the cereal fields, in their vineyards and in the boards of legumes and of patatos.

 In 1978 it was constituted as a "Minor Local Entity" voluntarily joining the municipality of Pedrosa de Duero.
Currently Valcabado de Roa has resumed its breath with the revaluation of coastal products, especially wines.

Gentilicy of Valcabado de Roa: valcavadeños / valcabadeños.

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