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Ribera del Duero
Ribera del Duero


Weather in Ribera

27 sep 2022


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Atalaya de Quintanilla



Cultural resource




As of 2014, the Watchtower of Quintanilla was declared a Cultural Interest with a monument category. In addition, a protection environment has been delimited due to its location from where it dominates a wide landscape, which includes the Castle of Gormaz, Alcubilla del Marques and San Esteban.


The place where the Atalaya is located enjoys an excellent visual panorama, which makes it a landscapeviewpoint of great spatial projection.


The Atalaya is more than just a millennial symbol or the architectural reference of the village. It has history and tradition. At its dawn, after the emergence of the Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula (year 711) its territory was controlled very quickly. There is little news about this area during its early years of establishment, but the eagerness for occupation led them to establish a border line that coincided precisely with the Douro Valley. This would mean the creation of an unpopulated area as a strategic strip of operations, which does not mean that some redoubt devoted to agricultural work did not remain.


Throughout history, the Watchtower has witnessed various strife and litigation. Battles on the ground and in the courts. Its land was marked by the passage of a branch of the Cañada Real.


The Atalaya is also a meeting place of the oldest known tradition in the village. It is a pilgrimage that once took place on the eve of the Ascension and which has now passed to the Sabbath on the eve of this commemoration. In it it is customary for the men, exclusively, to go in procession from the hermitage of the village, where they will have previously heard mass, to the Atalaya carrying the pendon, the banner and the Cross. All this between prayers, litany and bell ringing. At the meeting point what takes place is a lunch between those present in harmony and cordiality until the subsequent return to the village.


It's visitable inside. To access the upper area and enjoy the wonderful views of the Ribera del Duero sorian, you have to go up (and down) two flights of steep stairs.


Give yourself the pleasure of climbing to the top of the Watchtower! You will see the majestic panorama that can be seen from the heights. Stop and listen to the flame of the wind and the song of the birds. You will hear the symphony of silence with melodious notes.





Berlangas de Roa

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Pesquera de Duero

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