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Ribera del Duero
Ribera del Duero


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27 jun 2022


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Iglesia parroquial de San Millán



Cultural resource




It must have begun to build at the beginning of the sixteenth century on another minor located in the same place, Romanesque traces, since the remains that came to our days of the old cemetery attached to the church and the sacristy retained arches, own Romanesque buildings, the town grew and the church was too small to accommodate all attendees, which is why we proceeded to the extension of the temple now cut ogival.

The building was of three naves of equal height divided into three sections, covered with starry ribbed vaults and terceletes that were formed by pointed arches, which in turn rested in thick columns. The main chapel has survived and has the same width as before the central nave; It is of little depth. The section that precedes it, has also been preserved and is covered with the vault described above that serves as a testimony to remember the type of vault that once covered the entire central nave of the church.

The exterior had a facade with a belfry shaped tower where the bells were housed.

Of this church only the head is conserved, since in 1958 more than half of the church collapsed, the rest is of modern construction that forms a wide and luminous ship that was inaugurated in 1996. Nevertheless, it conserves important sculptural works distributed for the whole temple.

The main altarpiece of the church has attracted great attention among art historians and both his sculptures and his paintings have been the subject of numerous quotations.

It is patent for the desembosos facts for the construction and ornamentation of the temple in the sixteenth century, was the product of a healthy economy and the consequence of a growing height of the town.

With the collapse of the Church, part of the important cultural heritage was lost, such as the pulpit and its wrought-iron railing, as well as the fence that encircled the main altar, only being rescued after a few years (1987), the lamp that It hung from the roof of the central nave in front of the high altar. Conveniently restored, it was placed in its place of origin.





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Aranda de Duero

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